L100  #80 Mare Orientale

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Click on the thumbnails below for a full size view of the original image. The overhead views are produced by PlanetWarp and show what you would see if you were directly above Mare Orientale.

The overhead views clearly show the circular mountain formations of the impact basin.

L80_050102_orientale.jpg (47518 bytes) 2nd Jan 2005  08:30 UTC

LX-200 10" @ f6.3

Lunation: 21.3 days. Libration in Lat -02 45'  Libration in Long -07 02'

Auto selected  150 frame stack out of 300 frames.



L80_041203_orientale.jpg (114139 bytes) 3 Dec 2004  05:10 UTC

LX-200 10" @ f10

Lunation: 20.6 days. Libration in Lat -05 47'  Libration in Long -04 38'

Hand selected  frame stack out of 300 frames.


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