BBC All Night Star Party

On the 23rd of August 2003 the BBC did a live broadcast from Jodrell Bank to celebrate the start of Astronomy Week and the opposition of Mars. Local astronomy groups were invited to attend and bring along photos and equipment.

Here are a few highlights from the evening...

The Lovell Radio Telescope was spectacularly floodlit for the event

Photo by Phil Masding (taken with a low cost  Jessops "FasionCam")

Although Cheshire was 10/10ths cloud there was a live link to the 2.5m Isaac Newton telescope on La Palma. The highlight of the images from here was taken with a more down to Earth Meade SCT (12"?) and a ToUCam. To get this copy I captured frames from a VHS recording of the program and stacked them in Registax 2.

Wish we could get results like this from home :-(

Altrincham & District Astronomy Society (ADAS) managed to excel in the photo competition with Mark Crossley taking first prize with a Webcam image of Jupiter and Philip Masding getting a "highly commended" for his picture of the ISS in May.

The society also got one of the live interview features with Paul Clark demonstrating his home-built travel-friendly Dobsonian - click on the links opposite to view the video.


Windows Media Player format (low res 530kB)

Real Player format (low res 182kB)

Real Player format (high res 1.1MB)


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