In 1983 NASA flew the Enterprise space shuttle "mock up" to London on the back of a 747 Jumbo. The Enterprise was used for free flight tests but was not capable of a real launch.

Fly-past down the River Thames, watched by large crowds along the river bank despite arriving an hour or so late.
On the ground at London's Stanstead airport, note the aerodynamic fairing over the shuttle main engine pods.

Then the following year I was travelling in the US and had a couple of days at the World Exposition in New Orleans - not a very inspiring couple of days as I remember as it was very hot & humid and my budget did not stretch to an air-conditioned room! Anyhow the Enterprise was on display and I was able to get some very close up pictures of an "almost real" shuttle.

  Rescue stickers detail 

  Unusual view of nose wheel assembly

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