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In common with most LX-200 telescopes mine suffers quite badly from "mirror-flop" i.e. is goes out of focus as the scope slews across the sky. While this is frustrating for most astronomy work it is a complete disaster for satellite tracking! There is no time during a typical satellite pass to be re-focusing the mirror all the time. Having tried the usual improvements from the MAPUG webpages (mirror lock bolt, improved focuser assembly bearings) I decided to spend the money and fit a JMI motorised focuser. This has been an excellent investment and makes the whole job so much easier, it's now possible to tweak the focus during a pass and obtain in-focus frames of the whole event.

One problem remains in that the JMI unit adds a couple of inches to the back of the scope and most camera attachments will then no longer pass through the fork arms. This means that high elevation passes (>80 deg or so) are no longer possible. Fortunately from my location the ISS never get higher than approx 65 deg.

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