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The large crater passing above Jupiter is Bailly - in fact the largest crater visible from Earth at some 185 miles across and 13,000ft depth. Also visible are Kircher, Bettinus and Zucchius. Because the moon libration was favorable on this occasion (tipped towards us at some 4 or 5 ) the silhouetted mountains passing in front of Jupiter's disc are in fact on the far side! These mountains are called the Doerfel Mountains with heights up to around 20,000ft (comparable to the Himalayas on Earth) and are one of the highest ranges on the Moon.

Each frame is generated from a stack of about 25 individual video frames selected within a 2 second period around the time shown. The frames were de-interlaced and then combined and a de-convolution algorithm applied followed by contract enhancement. Next Io and Ganymede were enhanced and background noise removed followed by an unsharp mask. Finally the images were aligned within the larger frame and the time information added (this process was automated by a program written in MatchCad). The final animation is displayed at 50 times real time speed. 

Since constructing the animated GIF shown above we have also completed a more detailed AVI animation showing all of the captured period of the occultation. Unfortunately it is too big to upload to this website but please conatch me if you would like a copy.

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