Graze Occultation

January 26th 2002 provided a unique opportunity to observer a grazing occultation of Jupiter from my home location. With a few hours to go the sky was completely clouded but the weather satellite picture showed a patch of clear sky possibly heading our way. So a friend and I decided to set up the equipment "just in case". This was in fact the first time I had done any observation with the telescope on its new permanent pier. With minutes to go a break in the cloud appeared and lasted just long enough to video the whole event - just goes to show that sometimes things do work out right!

The picture below shows one of our best stills but for the best impression and to see part of the far side of the moon view the full animated sequence:-

GIF animation (350Kb)  - as featured on "Lunar Picture of the Day"  2nd August 2004

Entire AVI movie (2MB) - you will need DivX to view this file after download 

approx 17:59 UTC

Grazing occultation of Jupiter observed with 10" LX-200 - first light for the telescope on its new pier!

To the left of Jupiter are Io and Ganymede.

Picture presented as seen by naked eye, the Moon is traveling from right to left of frame.

Image capture with JVC digital video camera, approx 30 frames stacked & max entropy deconvolution, unsharp mask.



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