19th March 2005  18:30 UTC
LX-200 @ f10  ToUCam + Mogg IR filter, 120 frames from 300 processed in Registax 3

Diameter 9.1"  Mag 1.4  Illuminated fraction 0.173.

Comparison screen shot from Cartes Ciel:

ToUCam held at ETX-70 eyepiece. Approx 30 frames in Registax. Sunspot but no planet visible!


7th May 2003 - transit of Mercury.... but, alas, not my photo!  This is from the SOHO satellite showing a composite of frames. My observations were limited to a few brief gaps in the cloud allowing views of Mercury at around the middle of the transit. By holding the webcam up to the eyepiece of the ETX I did manage to capture some frames but only just resolved the large sunspot in the centre of the disk - now I just have to wait for clear skies in 2016!   

17th April 2003  19:40 UTC
LX-200 @ f10, ToUCam + Mogg IR filter, 200 frames processed in Registax

Mercury is very difficult from my observatory as it can never be seen at dawn due to other building blocking the horizon. Even on the evening observations there are is only a window of 20 minutes or so between it being dark enough to see before it sets below the edge of the rolling-roof. Here is an example extract of the planet from raw frame used to make the image on the left:-



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