QCUIAG May Challenge

May challenge: Locate a Lunar Libration

This in an entry in the INNOVATION class.

This is an image taken on 11th May 2005 showing the approx point of maximum libration centred around the craters Helmholtz, Neumayer and Hale (closest to the limb lower left). image details: LX-200 10". ToUCam @ f20, 300 frame stack.

click thumbnail for full size image0505114_neumayerm_f20_0100_bright.jpg (34718 bytes)



As with all features close to the limb the craters are very foreshortened and it is difficult to determine their true shapes and sizes.

The software which we have written (Planetwarp) allows the image to be easily re-projected to give you the view as if you were directly above the surface.

0505114_neumayerm_f20_0100_brightwarp.jpg (26463 bytes)

The warped views shows Helmholtz and Neumayer as circular features, Hale also reveals its true shape although being so close to the edge there is a fair amount of distortion.

Version 1 of Planetwarp is currently available for free -  click here for download

A second version should be available soon with a number of extra features

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