The Planets

April/May 2002 provided a rare opportunity to see 5 naked eye planets and the Moon in the sky together. Results so far have been frustrated by cloud on most nights!

This composite was produced from a series of AVI files taken using the Philips Vesta 675 webcam on the LX-200 (F10 + 2x barlow). The individual AVI frames were stacked and processed in Astrostack. The whole imaging session lasted just under 50 minutes - not bad for 5 planets!

4planets_small.jpg (23423 bytes) April 23rd
5 planets & Moon observed naked eye but Mercury hidden behind low cloud by the time the camera was set up.
These pictures taken with an Olympus E-20 digital still camera. The raw images from this are superb but too large (15MB) for the web. These JPGs suffer a lot from compression and the planets themselves end up looking fuzzy.

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